Sunday, August 13, 2006

This morning I finally got pictures of Jack engaged in his favorite pastime....parking cars. This boy has a serious obsession. He loves to "park" his cars along the bottom step, or along a baseboard, side by side. Then he will take the cars and line them end to end like train cars. His concentration is intense...this occupies him for a good 20 minutes, an eternity in toddler time! Every so often, he gives an almost reverent exclamation..."Cahhhs!"

His passion includes cars of all sizes. Every time we walk out the front door, or walk out of a store and into the parking lot, he will proclaim his love..."Cahhhs! Cahhhs!" Twice a week, when the first sounds of the trash truck can be heard down the block, Jack will urgently announce its arrival, "Cahhhs! Cahhhs!" as he climbs the couch and waits impatiently for me to raise the blinds so he can watch them go by. He often gets a wave from the trash guy, adding to the thrill. John is hoping he doesn't develop an interest in Nascar.

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