Tuesday, August 15, 2006

mass with Kain

Of course, being a holy day, we had to go to mass...just me and the three kids. Whew! Maria was serving, and of course she's not really a problem at mass anymore. Jack was his usual rowdy self, except this time I didn't have John to trade off with. He's SO heavy! Kain had a hard time too. I am picking my battles. He has only been to mass a handful of times. I am focusing on teaching him to be quiet during mass, and to stand/kneel/sit with the rest of us. He gets three chances, and then we go to the back of the church, and there's a consequence at home....usually no computer games, a fate worse than death!

He seems glad to be here. He has said several times in the last 24 hours, "This is the best day!" heehee...honeymoon period? We shall see...

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