Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the backpack

Last night, I took Kain into his room here,,,it's been a guest room/alternate nursery until now. Sleeping arrangements are complicated here. I have a large master bedroom, and we made part of it into a nursery. Jack's crib is in there, and he slept there and in our bed for a while. Then John started snoring. Whenever he puts on some weight, his snoring gets crazy, especially on his first night back from working a string of night shifts....presumably from being so tired.. I set up the portacrib as a temporary measure for use on these nights. Anyway, now it is an official bedroom for Kain, and when Jack is a little older we will move him in there too. I was showing Kain his school supplies, including his new Pokemon backpack. He was ecstatic and has been wearing it ever since. Seriously. He slept with it on last night, wore it to church this morning. I hope it's still in one piece when school starts next week.

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