Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dear Maria, week 6

Soooo...I am way behind now! Totally missed a week! This is actually week 7 now. See,we went to St. Louis, and I didn't get a letter out before we left like I'd hoped...But, let's pretend, shall we? I'll see what we can remember. Facebook will help. It's week 6. *cue flashback music*
Friday, July 11th
Well, this was a red letter day in family history. We had An Incident. See, I found some Sharpie damage...I had my sharpies way up high, but someone climbed the shelves and got the basket down. And someone decorated the floor...

and the siding...

and the table...

and after intense negotiations and waterboarding I found the guilty party.

Don't look into the big brown basset hound eyes. It's a trick. He went to bed without dessert.
You know how when you are a kid and you think your parents love to get you in trouble? Well, that's not true. You'll see. It sucks having to punish your kids. This face just about killed me.

Saturday, July 12th
I got nothin here. It was a Saturday. So I'm guessing some effort at cleaning was involved. Judging from my facebook post the following day, I'm going to guess it didn't go well.

Sunday, July 13th
They took the hose and filled the sandbox up with water. Like, it's a pond now. All the sand I bought is just a mess all over the yard, and the sandbox is now a mosquito hotel. And here's the sad truth. I didn't even care. They were playing happily. Outside. Together. So, whatever. When I called them in, they were covered from head to toe in muddy sand. And it was getting too cold to use the hose. So I filled the giant pitchers with warm water, called them up on the deck one at a time, and dumped the water over their heads. Bedtime!

Monday, July 14th
Wandered out to the muddy hole that used to be a sandbox and found Jack's history book, along with a bunch of ruined wooden trains and tracks. Awesome.

Tuesday, July 15th
Weird Al came out with a new record. According to Facebook, that's all that happened that was noteworthy.

Wednesday, July 16th
The world came to an end, because it was JULY and in the FIFTIES. Seriously. The kids were frrreeezzzing to death at swim lessons. Craziness. Also, I took Tess to get girl haircuts, finally. Tess told the hairdresser to cut her hair like Rupunzel. I picked my hairdresser's brain about beauty schools. We went out for froyo afterwards, of course. I got caramel pretzel, and she got pink with every fruit rainbowy topping they had. It was disgusting. Even she didn't like it, and made me trade. I couldn't even it it. Yuck.

Thursday, July 17th
Last day of swim lessons, hooray! They are freezing, can you tell? And later that day, we were off to St. Louis!

Random bonus little sister pics...because there weren't many pictures in this one...

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