Monday, September 09, 2013

First day of school pics

I have an alphabet path post coming, but we are not quite done with Letter A...finishing that today. In the meantime, here are our first day "portraits". To be very honest, this was a rushed job. The kids were on the way to the park with dad and not interested in posing. But they are funny anyway.

Mary Claire, entering pre-pre-pre-preschool

Henry, entering pre-preschool

Tess, our new kindergartner!

Jack, third grade (still can't get a decent picture of this kid. he never stops talking, for one thing.)

Maria, 11th grade

The brothers

The sisters

The whole motley crew of our little one-room schoolhouse


Julie said...

What an adorable family! You know, I was thinking that your family is the only other family that I know of that has a teenager and a bunch of little ones under the age of 10. Do you ever feel pulled in two directions? On one hand, you have a teenager who wants a social life and you want to help them develop their social life. But on the other hand, it takes two hours to get everyone else ready to take your teen to the social activities and you still want your little ones to have some sort of bedtime routine, which is hard when you're out with your teen until 10:00. I guess I've just been feeling that way lately and it's kind of tiring trying to make everyone happy. Just thought you would understand since you're kind of in the same boat :-)

Tiny Actions said...

So cute Mel! I can't believe how grown your crew is. Have a great school year.

mel said...

Hi Julie! Yes, it's really rough. I feel like the little kids spend a lot of time driving around and waiting. And John just started a job working evening shift, so there's that too. We are lucky at least in that most of Maria's activities are at the church and that is only 2 miles from the house. Still, that's enough to mess up bedtime. I'll be glad when she finally gets her license....

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so beautiful :)
Angela M.

mel said...

Thank you Angela, good to "see" you!