Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A is for Alphabet- our first week of school

I wish I had taken more pictures....I too often don't think of it. I am getting better though. Anyway, here is our first little Alphabet Path stop this school year based mostly on Little Saints this year. Little Saints is (still) very mom-intensive for me, but I am only choosing a project or two out of each unit.

A is for new Art supplies, including Mary Claire's first pack of fat crayons. She loves them! She scribbled quite a bit, and only took a few bites. She is very driven to do whatever the big kids are doing. After having an autistic child, we welcome this behavior because we know it is evidence of Good Social Skills.

A is for Architecture, like these new lego architecture sets Maria got for her birthday this month!

These are the Almond A's Tess and Henry made for our wall.

Here's alllll the Alphabet picture books we read this week. We had kinda gotten out of the habit of reading aloud regularly towards the end of summer, so this was a good kickstart to that habit.

Sorting scrabble crackers and spelling our names. Naked. Are my children the only ones that are so clothing resistant?

We also made chicka chicka boom boom pictures, ate almonds, apricots, and animal crackers for snacks and made alphabet brownies for the first day of school. Up next, B is for Bird!


Erin said...

Fun!!! I am doing the Alphabet Path again for Cecilia this year, and so far I did pretty good taking A week photos... but now we are on D and there have been hardly any more photos taken. :( I used to be so much better at remembering; now I have too many kids and two doing school, apparently that is too much for my brain to handle!

mel said...

Yes...something has to leak out of my ears, lol, I just can't retain everything anymore...