Monday, March 11, 2013


Well, literally right after I posted my last post, I heard a ***wretch*** and then a ***splat***, and ran to the living room to find Tess vomiting on the floor. So, we didn't make that mass, or that park day. Let's see, that was Friday morning...later that day I noticed a plugged duct on myself, and then Saturday morning woke up sick as a dog with mastitis. The weekend has been one of high fevers and sweaty naps and I finally feel much better today, though still taking it easy, relatively. Tess's little bug just seemed to last through Saturday. Henry had a touch of it too. Right now, all is quiet and everyone seems healthy. Things are behind around here though, especially was behind before I got sick, but this morning we reached emergency behind-ness, the type where you are digging through the dirty hampers pulling out the most crucial stuff to get washed so that everyone has something to wear? Yeah, that kind of behind. I *never* get that behind! Anyway, just thought I'd pop in so I can keep up my bloggy habit. I still have those pictures to post! I am trying to get a picture of Tess and her toothlessness but never think of it at a good time. Maybe I can do that now...hmmm..where's the camera, anyway?...

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