Sunday, March 24, 2013

random thoughts

I'm trying hard to get back in the habit of blogging again...I do miss it. It's just an easy thing to put off, and then next thing you know weeks (months!) have gone by. So I'm just going to prattle on about our weekend a bit.

--I'm in the playroom with Henry right now. He is driving me crazy because he keeps popping the front door out of place on the dollhouse. He very much wants it on. But when I pop it back in place, he drives this big car through it and pops it back out. I have refused to keep putting it back in, so now he is fake-crying and looking pitiful at my knee, pink plastic door in hand.

--We went to mass last night instead of today. We rarely go on Saturdays. Usually if John needs a Saturday mass, he goes by himself. But Maria isn't here this weekend, so it was either go with John on Saturday or take everyone by myself on Sunday. We picked the kids up donuts for the purpose of bribery dessert afterwards. John and I were bummed about not having any, what with it being Lent and not yet Sunday, but then I had the brilliant idea of saving ours for breakfast the next morning.

--I am a zombie right now. Tess was up at 1am with symptoms of what looks like a bladder infection. She does this every once in a while, and it has resolved without a doctor trip, but I'm not sure this time. She was pretty miserable. Today is Sunday, so we are stuck watching and waiting whether we like it or not, at least until tomorrow. Anyway, it was a nightmare scenario. John was asleep downstairs because he had to work today, and so I was upstairs with Mary Claire and a weeping (loudly) Tess, and feeling mildly hysterical as I tried to help Tess and keep Mary Claire from waking. It didn't work, of course. All three of us ended up downstairs, all in tears. ..I was desperately afraid Henry would wake up and push me over the mental edge. John heard the ruckus (can you describe the ruckus, sir?) and...did something, I don't remember. Held Mary while I situated Tess? Situated Tess while I held Mary? It's all a blur. But I ended up laying Tess down on the couch with a blanket a pillow...this was after her symptoms finally subsided...and I lay on the other couch nursing Mary back to sleep. Eventually Mary and I migrated back upstairs, and eventually Tess did as well.

--Did Tess sleep in after all that? Oh no! No she did not! She was awake before 7, and seems to be feeling fine now. I am, however, as I stated earlier, a zombie. But then I remembered that there were donuts to have with my coffee, and that made me happy. Happy Zombie.

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Teri Garrett said...

Eden and I just got back from Rome and we have a present for you! Eden is dying to see Maria. Can she come over one weekend? Call me 870-416-8784 or Eden 870-688-0721