Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The last post of the year....

I am way too overloaded right now to dig up Christmas pictures. That will have to wait. But I couldn't resist posting one last time in 2008!

We will be having a ham dinner tonight, complete with Hoppin' John, plus some goodies to ring in the new year. John is off tomorrow, for a change, so he will get to stay up with us. We've let Maria stay up until midnight for a few years now. This year I had a vision of a family slumber party,,,everyone staying up as long as they can, sleeping bags on the floor, playing games and hanging out. But so far, Kain is uninvited to the party. I know, that's really mean. He's been really hateful and boogery the last couple of days though. I can't see rewarding that with a party. I've threatened him with this, but his behavior hasn't improved. Somehow I don't think staying up half the night eating junk food is going to improve his behavior. I may cave. But I shouldn't. What to do, what to do...if these kids only knew how much we agonize over these things.

Tomorrow we will go to mass for the feast of the Solemnity and have our traditional Rosemary Chicken dinner (it's traditional if you do it twice in a row, right?). We will make rosemary candles for our home altar and say this prayer.

Happy and blessed 2009 to you all!

H/T to totus tuus

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