Wednesday, September 03, 2008


One of Jack's favorite games is to pull items out of the pantry and ask you what they are. It's really cute, because he speaks slowly and carefully like his father, and it's funny to hear him pronouncing unfamiliar words.

Jack in the pantry- What's this?

Me, at the stove- It's cornmeal.

Jack- Is it cornmeal?

Me- Yep.

Jack- What's this?

Me- Noodles.

Jack- Is it noodles?

Me- Yep.

Jack- What's this?

Me- Green beans.

Jack- Are they French-style green beans?

Me, turning around- Uh...well, yes. Yes they are French-style green beans.

Apparently someone else has been playing the game with him too.

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Kelly said...

LOL!!!! Yeah mom - you gotta get the answer *right*!!! How funny!