Saturday, September 13, 2008

How I roll....

I found this excellent video on Danielle Bean's site.

Danielle Bean » Catholic Vote

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I don't blog politics much. I guess I don't have the guts. I hate controversy and arguments, they make my stomach hurt, and there's enough of it in real life without seeking it out on purpose here. But, I feel like I should say something, at least once, about the election. Then I can, in good conscience, resume my usual posting on such important topics as baseball game hot dogs and french-style green beans.

Here's the gist. I don't really consider myself a republican (shhh, don't tell my in-laws). There are many social topics that I can't resolve with the republican world view. I am, however, a one issue voter. I vote for Life. Specifically, the life of those unable to defend themselves. Are there choices republicans in office have made that speak against the sanctity of life? Yes, there are. Absolutely. But, in this country alone, over 1 million unborn children die every year from abortion. 1 million. Every. Year. There is no horror more pressing than that. None.

As long as abortion is legal, I have no choice, as a Catholic, as a Christian, as a mother, than to use my vote, as meager as it may be, to try and protect these children and their mothers.

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Charlotte said...

Amen, Sister.