Sunday, August 10, 2008

Take me out to the baaaaaaaallll game....

Today we all went to our first baseball game. Well, it wasn't John's first, he grew up going to Cardinal games, but for the rest of us....first game. We had so much fun! We're not big sports people, you know. But the kids got free tickets at the library to our new minor league team stadium, so we decided to take advantage of it. The freebies weren't really the great deal I thought they were, because it turns out the tickets are really cheap. We did, however, spend a small fortune in concessions and such. Still, the tickets saved us $18. Here's some pics....

Kain watching the game from our berm seats.

Kain rolling down the berm.

The big hit of the day, the giant inflatable slide.

Dirty, dirty Jack and his hot dog. Notice the bun is empty now. Just as I snapped this pic it slipped out onto the sidewalk. We dusted it off and put it back in the bun. God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. Dirt especially doesn't hurt a $4 hot dog.

It was very cloudy while we were there, which was great because it made it nice and cool. In the last couple of innings though, the drizzle finally started. But when the ushers opened up the good seats, that didn't stop my gang from going down for a good view of the game.

Or from running the bases after the game was over.

Coolest of all, one of the ball players gave Jack a ball from the game. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Kain and Maria, however, were not there, they had already bolted out to the field to run the bases. When Kain found out, he threw a raging fit in front of God and several hundred people leaving the stadium. Aces.

Still, it was a good day. It was surprisingly fun, surprisingly expensive, but fun and worth doing at least once a summer. Jack, especially, had such a good time and is so tickled with his ball.


Kelly said...

That sounds just awesome! I need to get my kids to a game one day - I bet they'd just love it!

Charlotte said...

How totally fun. You're right. Dirt don't hurt a $4 hot dog!