Tuesday, June 19, 2007

back from Kansas City

I just returned from my first homeschooling conference. This one was in Kansas City, a four hour drive from here, and I was away from the kids OVERNIGHT! I'll post more details in a day or two...my in-laws are coming in a few days and I have a lot to do...I'm just going to say that I had to make an emergency pit stop for "supplies" at a gas station on the way, and WHO is buying these maxipads without WINGS?
I mean, the winged maxipad is the finest innovation in the feminine hygiene product line since, well, probably EVER, and since they are still SELLING the wingless ones I can only assume that SOMEONE must be buying the dang things. So, WHO is shopping for their monthly necessities going, "You know, I don't really WANT the nice, winged pad that stays where it is supposed to...I want the WINGLESS one that will twist itself into a useless little cigar-shaped WAD." This is the second time in recent history I have been forced to buy these useless, wingless things, and I am most unhappy. I know it is shocking to some of you to read about such an uncouth topic on a nice family blog...the rest of you know me well enough to not really be surprised at all.

Other than this unhappy occasion, the conference was a great experience and I've got details to come....


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And I hate it when I accidently pick up the wrong package. Make them a little more different in packaging, will you please?