Monday, November 13, 2006

Who are these people....

that homeschool a dozen kids, bake homemade bread everyday, and are busily knitting exquisitely crafted homemade Christmas gifts????! Am I missing out on some kind of "homeschooling gene", or even "homeschooling drug" here? I have three kids and struggle to make time to SHOWER, ok? My house is ALWAYS a mess, we are ALWAYS behind on school work...we do love baking and crafting but it sure doesn' t happen nearly as often as it seems to happen for these people...and our big Christmas craft last year involved glitter, wax paper, and a lot of Elmer's glue. I was picking glitter out of my children's heads for a month. HOW do these moms manage to do all of these things? It just doesn't seem mathematically possible to fit so much into a day. Well, I figure my appearance on the homeschool-blog scene is to provide the same service that my appearance at the public pool make all of YOU feel better. I am flawed, I struggle mightily to keep all the balls in the air, I am no super-mom...and yet we are all well-fed and in clean clothing. We might have been fed frozen pizza, and our clean clothing might have been dug out of the giant "clean laundry pile" in my bedroom....but we are healthy, happy, and we enjoy each other immensely. And you best of all, you will rarely find this blog to be guilt-inducing for you, dear reader.

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