Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kain Amadeus is baptised

I feel like we have accomplished a big hurdle. I am not a real "mystical" person generally, but I really felt like we were fighting the devil to get this far! Now, just 2 years of PSR and he can receive first communion, lol.
Normally baptisms are done during mass, but because of Kain's attention/social behaviors we opted to do it privately with just our family/friends. I was hesitant to do it this way, but I'm very glad we did. Kain was extremely excited...came bounding out of the bedroom this morning, "Hey, Aunt Mel, I'm getting baptized today!" and was wound up tight all day long. He was literally rolling down the ailse while we waited for Fr. Mike, and his romping around the big baptismal font almost got him a baptism by immersion. We tried mightily to keep him as calm as possible. I even took him into the adoration chapel for a little chat/prayer, just the two of us before we got started, to try and settle him a little bit, but he was a wild man anyway. My mom is going to have her pictures put on cd-rom for me so I can post them. They are hysterical! Most of the pictures show me holding Kain by the shoulders tightly while he is obviously trying to pull away, my face alternating between pained expressions and fighting back laughter. Fr. Mike was very patient and had a good sense of humor about it all. No one was bothered too much by his behavior, and that was mostly why I was very glad it was done privately. We surely would have been quite stressed to do this in front of a crowd during mass! Kain was very excited with the little white "garment" and candle given to him as well. ("Aunt Mel, there's a little bird on it!") It will be a long time before I get those from him to put safely away. We came back home to lunch, cake and ice cream, and a few presents too. It was a special day.

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Entropy said...

Congratulations to Kain Amadeus and his saintly caregivers! Have a blessed day!