Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12 in 2014

Well, howdy! I'm still here, and actually, I would really like to start blogging regularly again. Now that the baby (who, btw, is now 2 1/2!) goes to bed at a decent hour, I actually find myself with some *alone time* several evenings a week...so I actually might have *time* to do some blogging! I thought an easy and fun way to start off would be linking up to Dwija's end of the year post.

Anyway, I will just run this up quick and dirty without much commentary because I am already late to the link up! I am just grabbing these from facebook because that is what is easiest, though if I had time, this is would be a neat excuse to go through and neatify your entire collection of pictures for the year. These pictures are chronological, though there seems to be a dearth of decent pictures from early in the year for some reason..

We will start with my beautiful oldest daughter, Maria...she is off to prom in this picture. If you homeschool and wonder if your child will get to go to dances and such, well...Maria has been to a few!

Tessie turned 6 in May, and had a "flower birthday".

And the day after, Mary Claire turned 2. This is her birthday donut breakfast, but she later had a "very hungry caterpillar" theme going on.

camping in August! Jack, Tess, Henry, and Mary Claire in the cabin.

just a cute picture of Maria and Mary Claire, the oldest and youngest. They are very close and have such a sweet relationship.

Hiking on our camping trip, Mary Claire and Henry.

Maria's 18th birthday was in September. We had a Dr. Who/Impossible Astronaut party!

The corn maze in October, Henry, who turned four this year...

Jack, St. John Vianney for All Saints' Day. Jack is now 10 years old!

Mary Claire as St. Kateri

Mary Claire on my mom's horse at Thanksgiving.

Merry Christmas Eve pajama shot! For those new to the blog, a run down, left to right back row is Jack, age 10; Maria, age 18; Mary Claire, age 2. In front is Henry, age 4, and Tess, age 6.

Thanks for visiting, come back in the New Year!


Erica Saint said...

You are right! Homeschoolers can and do attend dances (if they should want to). My son went to Homecoming and turned down a request to attend Prom.

Enjoy this last year with your high school senior! It goes by fast. :)

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I love their fab costumes. Great job with those!

Anonymous said...

Where are you guys; you haven't posted in awhile!

mel said...

Who are you? lol...we are here. I keep wanting to get back to blogging. It is so hard to make happen...but with school wrapping up, I am hopeful to be back here soon!