Wednesday, April 23, 2014

2014 Tour de Parque, day 2

You will be heartened to know that we survived another day's adventures. Mondays are very busy for us, but Tuesdays are better. So, Tuesday we went to Murphy Park. This park is next door to a library in an nearby town...once upon a time this was *our library*. We never lived in this town, but they have a lovely children's collection, and at the time we belonged to a co-op in this town,,,so we frequented this library, and often this park, every week.

Immediately upon arriving at the park, I remembered my issues with it. It is very sprawl-y. And busy. With water. And a busy nearby parking lot. When Jack was a toddler, I spent a lot of time trying to keep him out of the parking lot.

Since I have 1. an autistic son that is prone to wandering, 2. a three year old also prone to wandering, and 3. a one year old that is, you guessed it, prone to wandering, I was very busy and kinda stressed at times.

But, DUCKS! There are ducks to feed. The only place, we know of, to feed ducks around here. So we brought Cheerios and fed the ducks. (I apologize, the duck pictures were taken with my rarely used "real camera", and apparently someone has blown their nose on the lens or something, because the pictures taken with it are all blurry.)

Also, trails for riding scooters and such. So, we brought the scooters and ceremoniously dragged them around the park, but no one ever actually rode them. Of course.

We packed lunch, which of course always makes a park visit much more fun. And friends met us, so that always makes it more fun too.

On the whole, it was more work and stress than yesterday's park, but the boys weren't abducted and Mary Claire didn't manage to drown herself in spite of her best efforts, so it's all good.

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