Friday, December 02, 2011

Tess, who can't say "r" very well.

(maybe because of the overbite from sucking those fingers...)

Tess- I wanna have pears.

Me- We don't have any pears. Would you like an apple?

Tess- No, I wanna have pears.

Me- Ok, but we don't have any pears. We have apples, and bananas, and oranges, but no pears. Do you want a banana?

Tess- No! No, I wanna pears!

(she wanders away for a bit, then comes back carefully carrying all the candles from the Advent wreath. She comes over and carefully hands me each one and says, "Pears! I wanna have these pears!"

Me- Tess, we don't have any pears! (Then a light bulb finally goes on) Oh! You want to have PRAYERS?!

Tess- Yes! Yes, I wanna have these pears!

So, we did. Even though it wasn't prayer time. Because she worked so hard for it. :)


Mary @ tinyprayers said...

Oh, what a sweetie! That story melts my heart (and it is pretty stony right now because my 2 and 5 year olds just got in a huge fight over who got to do what when I said we were going to put up the outside lights. SO I sent them to their rooms and said, Christmas is canceled!) Hope your advent is going better than mine!

Anonymous said...

She looks like maria when she was little and your mom too! Oh my they are getting so big, by the time I get to meet your family they are all going to be in college! I wish I could come for a visit. Miss you and I love your story :)Amy

Karen Edmisten said...

Ohmygosh, that is so incredibly cute. :)