Sunday, September 04, 2011

This isn't working very well

We just can't get off the ground very well this year. Sigh. Staying up late...I gave that up. Neither Tess nor Henry would go to sleep and stay that way. They were up too late and up too early and just cross and fussy all the next day. No good. I tried laying down in Tess's room with her, but she took quite a while to go to sleep and I realized it wouldn't work too many nights anyway. John is very often still at work at bedtime, or newly home and not wanting to chase Henry around. So, I'm back to going to bed insanely early and then getting up early. It's still not working so great. The kids have an uncanny ability to know when I'm out of bed. Usually within 15 minutes of heading downstairs, I have company.

On other fronts...Kain is already as belligerent about his schoolwork as ever. I'm already threatening public school, and it's not even Labor Day yet! haha! Jack is doing quite well with his schoolwork, but his behavior overall is an issue. He's having lots of tantrums and anxiety...not related to school, just for all kinds of reasons. It's all been rather exhausting to handle these two. I'd appreciate some sanity prayers.


Tiny Actions said...

My prayers are with you and your family. Never getting a moment to do anything with kiddos up all night and up early in the morning is so tough. I do hope you all get into a much needed routine soon. Have you ever tried the Hylands Calms Forte for kids? It's for kiddos 2 and up. For the under 2 crowd I've used Hyland's teething tablets to help calm and relax them for sleep.

Erin said...

Prayers for you! I am about to begin life again with a baby who probably won't sleep long without me nearby either... I am sure that makes it really hard to establish a good homeschooling routine.