Sunday, December 19, 2010

back online

Hello! I'm back! The computer has been salvaged, and the computer guy managed to save our documents and pictures, God love him. I had over a thousand emails in my inbox...yikes! I spent some time the first day scraping off spam and deleting junk and responding to urgent things...that cut the number of emails left by more than half. The rest I'm just slowly working through. I don't even want to talk about my google reader. Anyway...we are Advent-ing away here. I made some new Jesse tree ornaments and we are using lots of Jessica's ideas for daily Jesse tree snacks to go with our Bible readings. I really wanted to make an 'O' Antiphon house this year, again, but several attempts to get to the craft store were sabatoged. We are on our second virus since Advent started. I'm planning to go anyway soon and just buy the supplies and tuck them away with our decorations to assemble next year. I did get all my online shopping done and so now I am anxiously awaiting the "ups truck", as Jack calls it, hoping everything gets here on time. So, just wanted to say hi, and I'll be back with some Advent pictures soon.

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Lisa said...

What's a "O Antiphon house?" I am always looking for new ideas! :-)
I'm sorry about the viruses. What a bummer. I am always afraid I'm going to get hit with something. I need to save more of our family's photos on disk. If my hard drive crashes, I'm a goner!
Have a Happy New Year, my friend!