Sunday, July 25, 2010


Another random thought posting...because that's all I can wrap my brain around!

---school, school, school. We start the first week in August. I'm planning and copying and futzing and tweaking. I know I promised more info on what we are doing with the other kids. I'll try to post more tonight or in the morning about that.

---Henry turned 3 months old yesterday! I can't post a recent picture just yet. I am *still* working on the living room and the camera cable is disconnected. Apparently not all of the ports work, and John is trying to figure out which one. But he is doing great, gaining well now, and just a sweet, sweet baby. He's trying to roll over, and he just smiles and coos at me all the time. I just love the way his face lights up when he catches my eyes.

Also about Henry...I don't remember if I posted this, but back when he was having trouble gaining weight the doctor had ordered some blood work and found his liver functions were elevated. She's been watching and retesting and they have still been high. Last week we were referred to a liver specialist at the children's hospital. They don't quite know what to make of him yet either. He seems very healthy otherwise, and has no jaundice or other signs of liver problems. They ran some more tests and did an ultrasound of his whole belly. We are still waiting for results. In the meantime, I'm having that whole "your life can change with a phone call" feeling.

Ok, I'd better run. We are going to swimming this afternoon. I have avoided the pool this summer. It's just too miserable to sit there all afternoon on the concrete with the baby. John has taken the kids a couple of times, and once I dropped Maria off with a friend, but there's been a grumbling lately of the lack of pool time, so I'm making an effort to go a couple of times before school starts.

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Kelly said...

So glad to read he's gaining and doing well! I will pray the liver results are innocuous and nothing to worry about!