Sunday, May 02, 2010

A one week old daybook

Outside my window...cloudy and cool. Many days have been quite warm already, reminding me that our hot southern summer is coming!

I am hearing...the whir of Henry's swing, and every so often a grunty, rooting sound that tells me my computer time will be short this morning. :)

I am thinking...does anyone else's children find it physically impossible to *close* things? Bread bags, cabinet doors, front doors...I cleaned out the fridge while John and Maria went grocery shopping (not the scrubbing out kind of cleaning, just the digging around for funky, outdated stuff kind of cleaning), and I must have found 15 milk jug caps floating around inside the fridge because instead of putting the cap back on the milk they just leave it on a shelf. Sigh.

I am thankful swings. I love attachment parenting, but I do love me a baby swing. I do not consider the two to be incompatible.

I am wearing...very old pajama pants and a tshirt. I do not get dressed the first two weeks after having a new baby. I feel it sends an important visual message to my family..."I am healing, don't expect much."

We are currently reading...Kain and I are now onto "Little Town on the Prairie". I got a bunch of Keven Henke books in a Scholastic book order. I discovered these back when Maria was a preschooler...she was *SO* Lilly in Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse. :)
Chrysanthemum is probably my favorite. Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum, Chrysanthemum.

I am praying...for Henry's goopy eyes. He has blocked tear ducts. I'm praying they don't require antibiotics.

Latest on the babies...Henry is doing great. He's lost enough weight that I have to bring him in on Wednesday for another weight check, but I think he'll be fine. He's nursing well, and big babies can afford lose more. He's getting those baby zits and he's peeling so much he looks like he's molting. So much for pretty baby skin. The kids are freaked out about it, but I've assured them that they all did this, and his skin will be pretty again very soon. He's very alert and loves to listen to people talk. We spend long periods of time just staring at each other and chatting. He thinks I'm quite fascinating. And the feeling is mutual. :)

From the kitchen...freezer meals, freezer meals, freezer meals. Maria had her name day the other day, and I did make some Italian sloppy joes, which are *way* easy, and John picked up a cheesecake from the store, so that's the extent of my actual cooking.

Around the house...imperfect cleaning done by husband and children. God love them for doing it.

In the learning room...I'm filling out enrollment papers for Mother of Divine Grace. This will be our first year to enroll, or to try to anyway...I hope we get in. I'm a bit late.

In the garden- weeds.

Plans for the rest of the week...John is off work for another week, so he will be running everyone around to therapies and dance class and all of that. Woohoo! I have to confirm with the church, but I think we will be having a baptism on Mother's Day.

Our week in pictures...

Henry's first bath. He's not thrilled.

My parents bought this little swing for Henry. Tess adores it. She sits in it and pushes with her feet and says, "Whee! Swing!!!" She's gotta be right around the 25 pound weight limit, maybe even a smidge over. I'm thinking she'll get over it soon though, and forcing her out of it will only contribute to jealously issues. Yes, there are a few, though over all she is quite taken with Henry.

The next three were taken in the garden outside the local rec center. The kids' homeschool co-op had their end of the year gala here last week, complete with a show and play that all three participated in.

Henry in the morning sunlight.


Maureen said...

Beautiful Mel! Try some breastmilk in those goopy eyes. Worked wonders for us!

Kelly said...

He is gorgeous! Hope his eyes clear up for you. God bless you!!!

Leila said...

You have a beautiful family! congratulations on your wonderful baby!
We had several blocked tearducts here -- give them massages with breastmilk as Maureen says or simply a clean warm wet washcloth...hopefully they'll clear up.
I'm glad you stay "undressed" --the more kids you have the more reminders everyone needs!

Tiny Actions said...

Mel, He is so cute! Thanks for sharing pics of the whole family. Tess is growing so fast too! So, sweet.