Thursday, November 26, 2009

feis pictures

My Irish dancer at her latest feis...I have some video, but she's dancing with some other girls in it and I don't have permission to post it. I'll have to get some of just her next time.

The presenting of the colors.

Taking a break between dances...those dresses are really heavy and really hot. They wear tank tops underneath so they can cool off. Also makes costume changes easier!


Angela M. said...

Oh my gosh- Maria looks like she's 24!

mel said...

Yes, I know. It's an issue. Nothing quite like seeing grown men check out your 13yo daughter, haha!

Tiny Actions said...

It looks like Maria is having a lot of fun with the Irish dancing. My princess wants to really get started with it as all her cousins participate in the Irish dancing. Thanks for sharing.