Monday, January 19, 2009


Too much yelling and angry tones in your house too?

I'm starting a new campaign. It's called G.R.O.U.C.H., which stands for Getting Rid Of Ugly, Crabby Hollering. Wanna join? Keep track of when you first lose your temper each day and blog it.

Today's first infraction....



Jennie C. said...

12:something PM, watching 7yo boy pour half a jar of garlic powder on his pizza, then attempt to spoon the extra back in: No. NO! NOOOOOO!!!

There's some sort of a disconnect between his ears and his actions.

entropy said...

This is a great movement. I hope it catches on!

~12:00 To (my own) snotty child in grocery store, "Stop it. I don't want to hear anymore about how you didn't like the way I said 'No, you cannot have that' and that that is the reason for your bad behavior."


Angela M. said...

Wish I'd seen this yesterday when I had to listen to Hubby give me a blow by blow account of the news while I was trying to read a book and we were in the same room.

Had to buy him a nice bottle of wine and a card to make up....

Erin said...

Great idea, Mel... what a creative acronym!!

Angela, my dh also likes to tell me about the news, long stories about work, etc. while I'm reading or cooking... I do not multi-task well!!

Lisa said...

Oh, no, and I thought I was doing really well in that department. But, I guess telling my son to get his little butt back to the table to study his spelling words counts, doesn't it? Oh well.... Better luck tomorrow! :-)

Angela M. said...

You've won an award at my blog!

Lola said...

Found you over at kelly's. my keyboards on the fritz.
\But, count me in please
\God Bless,