Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From Kain, to Maria

Last night, Kain drew the slip of paper from the Lent sacrifice jar that directed him to write a letter to Maria telling her five things he liked about her. Here's what he dictated to me, all his own words....I just thought it was cute.
Dear Maria,
I love you because you let me hold the guinea pigs sometimes. And I love you because you play with me sometimes. And I love you becaues we play house with the guinea pigs. I love you because we both play with Jack sometimes.

(At this point he stalled out of ideas. I suggested he think of something he liked about Maria as a person instead of just things that she does for him.)

I like you because you are calm and never get in trouble, and I hope you teach me to be like that someday.



Sherri said...

Precious, precious, PRECIOUS!!!! I have tears in my eyes...... you are a wonderful mother, raising such fine children.....

mysteryhistorymom said...

How sweet, Melanie. Thanks so much for sharing.:-) Lori

mel said...

haha! You should see them today. :) I have to have moments like that once in a while, to feel like I'm not cracking up completely...gives me a glimmer of hope...then they swing to the dark side again. hehe

Kelly said...

LOL! I hope she does too....;)